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Cloud solutions

The cloud ensures that you can work anytime, anywhere.

They can continue to work anytime, anywhere because they chose us:

Specific cloud solutions we recommend:
Public cloud
Public cloud

With a public cloud, you rent servers, storage capacity and applications from an external provider such as Microsoft Azure or other providers (Office365, Skype for Business, SharePoint, etc.). 


  • Low investment
  • Always optimally secured
  • Flexible scaling
  • Geo redundant 

The advantage of public cloud servers is that you do not have to invest in hardware, maintenance or management. An ideal solution for SMEs.


A secure solution for your company on our own secured server network (2 data centres) for your e-mail, applications, backups and storage at very competitive prices. 


  • Data centre in-house 
  • Pay only for what you use
  • Very scalable 

We ensure that your workplace is always running on high-performance hardware and that this always grows to the needs of your company. IT is our concern so that you can focus on the core business.

Private cloud
Private cloud

Keep control of your infrastructure. We do the implementation and management within the walls of your company (or in an external data centre). 


  • Full control over the infrastructure
  • Automatic offsite backups to a secure data centre
  • 24/7 * follow-up by our specialists

Our private cloud solutions include among others: BaaS, DRaaS and co-location.

Curious how useful the cloud is for your business? 
We explore how the cloud can make your business more flexible.

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