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Managed services

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Managed printing

  • Managed printer park
  • Delivery service 
  • On-site support

Managed services

  • Proposed IT budget
  • Proactive follow-up
  • 24/7* monitoring

Managed infrastructure

  • Certified consultants
  • Determining vision of the future
  • Managed firewall

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Specific services we recommend:
Managed printing
Managed printing

Thanks to Managed Print Services, your printers are actively monitored. Our service agreement for all appliances, maintenance and stock means a guaranteed continuity. 

We manage your printer park and also ensure the automatic delivery of your consumables. 


  • Your devices are actively monitored.
  • Error messages are automatically forwarded and treated with priority. 
  • Extended warranty and periodic maintenance are included.


Managed services
Managed services

Our Managed Services are tailored to your needs. With our own cloud-based infrastructure and the use of advanced tools for 24/7 remote monitoring, problems are quickly addressed. 

We make sure your data are always available independent of where your employees are. 

  • 24/7 * monitoring of your environment
  • Proactive collaboration 
  • Clear insights through reporting
Managed infrastructure
Managed infrastructure

We have 2 data centres under our own management (in Oostkamp and in Ghent). These are both provided with state-of-the-art IaaS platforms.  

With us it is possible to take in server and storage space depending on your own situation. We add our expertise in monitoring, backup and security in flexible pay-per-use subscription formulas.  


  • Controllable IT costs
  • Maximum care for your company
  • Our plans are flexible and scalable

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